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Body Intuitive

Leah brings many years of skilled experience working with people and a lifetime of intuitive development to this new layer of her craft working with the Body Intuitive System.  I am a somatic practitioner specialized in early human development.  I’ve been involved in studying and teaching in the healing arts for 20 years internationally.  In my opinions Leah is a world class practitioner.  Her kind and non judgmental approach creates a field of safety where deep healing and discovery can unfold.  My experience having sessions with her using Body Intuitive have been very insightful, supportive, and transformational.  Leah’s ability to hold a neutral state allowed us to bypass the prejudice of the mind, getting to the core of the issue which is often different than what we may think with our conscious ind.  She was able to get clear and accurate readings on things going on in my emotional and relational fields and how they were affecting my body systems.  Much of the repair and rebalancing was accomplished through the treatment in session.  I was also given homework for post session which took the transformation deeper and supported the titration of my healing process.  These sessions were very helpful and fulfilling, giving me a greater sense of agency for my self healing and awe for how attuned and interconnected we all are.  I highly recommend you to do this work with Leah especially if you are wanting to get the core of what inhibits vibrant health.

Clara Cunningham, Bellingham, WA.

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