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Common Questions about Soma

Common Questions About Soma Neuromuscular Integration

  • Do I have to do a series of 11 sessions or can I receive a single session?
  • No, you don’t have to go through the series .  Soma can be done one session at a time to address what is going on in the present moment.  Whether that be injury treatment, general wellness and vitality, to gain new awareness, to establish new movement and proprioceptive patterns, for emotional/physical exploration. 
  • Is it better to go through the full series or a partial series?
  • That all depends on what is going on with your body and your goals with the work.  A full series consists of 11 sessions.  Within 11 sessions, the work progresses to a deeper level of detail and balance that can not happen in a shorter series of work.  A short series of work still benefits the body/mind/nervous system.  Any amount of work brings greater freedom and ease in the body.
  • What do I wear to a session?
  • You can wear underwear or a pair of shorts that are loose fitting.  A bra or tube top (which I have at the office) if you are a woman.  If you are comfortable, I like to do a “body reading” before and after every session.  What this entails is for you to stand in front of me for about 2 minutes, in which I can take look/feel what is going on with your body in gravity. 
  • If I do the series of 11 sessions, how far out should they be spaced? 
  • This depends on each individual.  The closest they can run together is 24 hours apart.  Some people do one session a week, some spread it out to every other week, some do every three or four weeks.  It is essential, however, to have sessions 4, 5, and 6 be no longer than two weeks apart from one another because of the nature of rebalancing the pelvic girdle. 
  • Does the work hurt?
  • No.  As a practitioner, I will meet you at a place that feels appropriate for your nervous system.  I like to explain to my clients that the sensation of the work shouldn’t go beyond “the good pain.”  If you are relaxed and breathing freely, we are working at a good pace.  It can feel curious,  even delightfully challenging, or flat out wonderful.  The work can be highly focused, and can give one the feeling that the world exists within the  singular sensation of fascia we are working with.  It is also global and holographic, linking each part to the whole. 
  • Does the work have to be deep to work?
  • The work can be deep or light.  I work at the level of depth that your tissue accepts.  Some clients need a much lighter touch than others.  It all depends on your body type, the response of your nervous system, and your emotional needs. 
  • Can I do a partial series?
  • Yes, you can do sessions 1-3 and then stop.  You can also do a series of advanced work if you have gone through a series of Structural Integration in the past. 
  • Can I do an Advanced Series after going through sessions 1-11?
  • Yes, you can.
  • How long do I have to wait before doing that?
  • You can come in whenever you are ready.   
  • How often should I go through the series?
  • There is no clear answer on this question.  Some people go through the series every 5-7 years.  Some do it every couple of years.  It really depends on what you have experienced in your life between series.  If you have had a child, had a significant change in your body due to anything like new training, an accident, a major lifestyle choice… you may be due for a series before 5-7 years.  Some people experience the work every couple years as a way to explore their physical and emotional landscape.
  • Can I receive other types of bodywork with the Soma series?
  • Yes and No.  Traditional massage (swedish/deep tissue work) is not compatible with the Soma series.  Cranial sacral work, acupuncture, and other forms of energy medicine work well with the Soma Neuromuscular Integration. 
  • What do I do after the series?  Can I still see you?
  • Yes, you can still come in for bodywork!  It is normal and healthy to come in for maintenance work.  We are always evolving, living, and gaining wear and tear.  Your body will let you know when it’s time to come in.  Some people come monthly, some quarterly, some a couple times a year.