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Since 1992, Leah Grossman has been immersed in the healing arts.  Leah began her journey studying shamanic medicine, and then practicing energy medicine, (Reiki, Theta, Body Intuitive, Tuning Forks) and bodywork (Massage, Structural Integration, BodyMind Shiatsu).  After spending decades helping others on their journey with these modalities, Leah wanted to find a means of work that continued down the path of empowerment and clarity for her clients in their healing journey.  In 2023, Leah became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, studying  NLP and Hypnotherapy with the Northwest Hypnosis Institute.  She then continued training with Neuro Masters Academy in 2023 and 2024 to become a Time Line Therapy and Parts Integration Masters Coach.  Leah’s passion for exploring altered states of consciousness and trance has been a theme throughout her multi-decade career.   She believes that profound knowledge and  the most efficient route to healing is through looking inside oneself, free of judgment, full of compassion, which happens with ease when deeply relaxed.  Leah is currently in the the process of creating Source Crafting, a modality made of a synthesis of hypnotherapy and energy work to address imbalances in the physical and emotional bodies.  

Leah is honored to engage with clients who want to experience the gift of physical and emotional balance: freedom of pain and unprocessed emotion, and limiting beliefs, healing from injury, nurturing the immune system, increased flexibility and grace (inside and out), self awareness, internal peace, regulated nervous system, and knowledge Self.

To receive this work is an act of kindness to self.  You will become your own healer through the divine wisdom that is innately present in you.  You will gain the experience of how to be your own sacred, compassionate witness as healing occurs through the many layers that lead to the core of who you are.  All of this can be done with the willingness to take the journey and committing to  deep listening.  Deep listening occurs through the sensations you feel in your tissues, bones, nervous system, the pattern of your breath.  All of these link to the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing an unfolding that promotes increased functioning of homeostasis throughout all systems of body, mind, and soul.

Training and credentials:

1989 Reiki level 1, Olympia WA

1991 Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle WA

1997 Reiki level 2 and 3, Hanalei HI

1999 Bodymind Shiatsu Training BodyMind Shiatsu School, Bellevue WA

2005 Soma Neuromuscular Integration, Buckley WA

2009 Certified Advanced Training Soma Neuromuscular Integration, Buckley WA

2015 Theta Level 1, La Connor WA

2016 Theta Level 2, La Connor WA

2019 Theta Level 3, Burbank CA

2022 Northwest Hypnosis Institute, Portland OR

2023-2024 Neuro-Masters Institue, Australia


Three Ways Massage Therapy Benefits Your Overall Health

Three Ways Massage Therapy Benefits Your Overall Health

Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury splurge when you are on vacation, it can actually be a key piece of your overall health and wellness. Regular massage therapy has been shown to ease pain and reduce inflammation while also working to reduce stress and anxiety. Below are three ways massage can benefit your overall health.

Massage Therapy Helps with the Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders

Massage Therapy Helps with the Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, there are more than 100 autoimmune diseases. More than 50 million Americans are diagnosed with one or more of them and about 75% of those diagnosed are women. But what is the definition of autoimmune disease and can massage therapy really help? 

Best Massage Techniques for Shoulder Pain

Best Massage Techniques for Shoulder Pain

When shoulder pain rears its ugly head, massage therapy can be effective for certain types of pain, but it really depends on the cause. It’s important to understand your injury and know when seeking massage therapy is appropriate. Here are a few shoulder injuries where massage can really help relieve pain.