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How Energy Healing Works

You may be wondering how energy healing/distance bodywork healing works?

Simply put, we have a physical body and we also have a series of energetic bodies that surround our physical body.  The energy bodies have a direct and immediate relationship to our physical body (i.e. all of those bodies are “us”). Energy healing and distance

healing operates from the premise that when we catalyze transformation in the energetic bodies, it generates a corresponding transformation in the physical body. And, because it is actually faster to make deep and profound changes in the energetic bodies, one can experience significantly deeper and lasting transformation in the physical body. This treatment can address the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. More and more scientific literature is becoming available that validates this form of healing- if you are interested in learning more I would be happy to provide you with some resources.

For an energy healing/distance healing session with me, I work in a meditative state and begin each session with a conversation about what is going on with you. From there, depending on which energetic healing modality we are focusing on, I do a reading of your energetic field to get more information, and proceed with the work. Sometimes, I create a holographic template of the body on the table.  (A holographic template is an energetic representation of the body that corresponds and translates back to the body/person that is receiving healing work.) I work with the holographic template to treat your physical, emotional, and possibly spiritual needs that show up to be balanced. With Body Intuitive work I am asking you questions and listening for your body’s response. I prefer there to be some sort of connection with the client when doing distance healing including Body Intuitive work, and that is done via telephone or zoom, and can also be done in person. I find there is value in sharing where I am working and what is happening in real time.  However, the work is still effective if one decides to not be on the phone at all and sets aside the time to simply receive the session.