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“I originally started seeing Leah because of a serious bicycling accident I was lucky to survive. Her work was a big part of why I was able to avoid additional surgery and elevate my recovery beyond expectations. Leah has been my massage therapist for years and each time I go I can never believe how amazing she is on so many levels. First of all she has an educated in depth knowledge of the human body along with the physical skill and strength to transform the body in ways unlike I’ve ever seen before! She is sensitive both physically and spiritually, working with you in an interactive way where she can adjust and tune instantly based on what she senses or feedback she’s receiving. Maybe even more importantly is her heartfelt compassion and ability to pick up on how you’re feeling and where your energy is at, allowing her to communicate in an appropriate manner and create a comfortable, relaxing environment. She is always completely present and aware, sessions are never routine! You are never the same, so she’s reacting to you and wherever you happen to be at.

I’m always impressed with her passion for her passion. I remember her telling me how she’s always known she wanted to be a massage therapist. She bought her first table when she was 17 and continues to take intensive courses to further her knowledge and practice. Go see her, if you can!” – K. Shibayama, Seattle, WA